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A bunch of "Under Construction" gifs from the Geocities days.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive. What can I say? Without their preservation of the old internet, most of this old web revival stuff probably wouldn't be possible.

A.N. Lucas' Web Lounge

A.N. Lucas' Web Lounge. Pretty good resource for Neocities stuff!

Bill's World! Really cool website from someone also stuck in 1999 on Geocities. What an experience!

Anilinks - Inspired by the classic Anime Web Turnpike. I absolutely love this!


w3schools, excellent html/CSS resource.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor, another resource for HTML/CSS here on Neocities!

Pokémon Booster Pack Simulator

This cool website lets you simulate the thrill of getting a fresh new booster pack of Pokémon cards – for free! My parents would have loved for this to have existed back in 1999.


Bradboard music charts. Good for some non billboard charts.

Soma FM

Soma FM. Really nice internet radio with different stations/genres. Most of them are electronic in some form or another, but there's a folk and celtic station too, for example. I personally recommend their "Underground 80s" station, but all of them are good.


The Video Game Music Archive, still up after all these years.

AnimeLyrics - Lyrics to JPop/Anime songs, pretty straightforward

Club Nintendo Archives

Fansite for Club Nintendo magazine in the UK and Europe.

Windows 98 - In Your Browser!

This is really cool. A virtual machine running windows 98 in your browser.

Weather Star 4000+

Speaking of the old Weather Channel, here is a WeatherStar 4000 simulator that runs in your browser. just pop in your zip code and you are golden.

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